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Soloing For Beginners - Bends And Slides

Lesson written by Alex1422 on 8/10/06 10:28 AM

  Category: Basics
  Skill Level: Beginner
  Instrument:   Guitar

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Soloing For Beginners - Bends and Slides

After my last lesson, Spreading Out, you might have tried writing your own solo. You probably found it to be a little dull. That is because you are just playing notes, no little tricks or anything. To give your solo more excitement, try bends and slides, the two easiest tricks. To bend, pick the note and bend the string up. This will cause the note to sound higher. To slide, pick the note and slide your finger up to another fret without letting the note die.

In TAB, a slide will look like this:

- 5/7--7\5-

Pick the fifth fret and slide to the seventh on the first, then pick the seventh and slide back down. Those are two different slides.

In TAB, a bend should look like this:

- 5b-(7)

That is telling you to pick the fifth fret, and bend the string until it reaches the pitch of the seventh fret.

Use these to color your solos. Practice these and try mixing them into scales, or use them while improvising.

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