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woah hold up


Posted: 7/15/07 3:47 PM

Alright for the longest time i thought emo music was like slipknot and stuff like that
then my emo friend (I think an emo friend is like a black friend, you need to have one at all times just to let you know) told me it isnt and now im thinking then what the hell am i listening to...

the bands i like are:
marilyn manson
3 days grace
my chemical romance
system of a down



Posted: 7/29/07 11:55 PM

wow thank god none of us called you emo before you discovered this, it would have been tragic.

Bands worth checking out: cobra starship, forgive durden, gatsbys american dream, the faint, the academy is..., mae



Posted: 7/30/07 10:01 PM

You like "metal"ish stuff. (i use the term loosly, because the metal heads would kill me if they saw me call what you listen to metal.)

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