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Posted: 8/8/05 1:00 PM

i wrote both these two at the same time,this should be read after on the slab

Watch the cripple put
One foot
In front of the other
(he gets it from his mother)
See hands wringing, face flush
No pull, and sure no push
See him sweat as he strains
To slip loose the chains
Inextricably entwined
With half-remembered growing pains.
Mute Mercutio
Clubfoot Colossus
Stores up guilt and cry-confesses
Buries love and then forgets it
Tries to stand and soon regrets it.
He loves his pain
- as he was trained -
Reveres his fear
Counts every tear.
He pouting sighs, he plays his song
Imagines he has been done wrong
Has lain quite still for far too long
When he should move
What does he prove?
In midnight courts
That no-one hears
He argues torts
To absent peers
Judge and jury all in one
No execution.
Nothing done.
Just locution.
Just for fun.
He grins his lies
He meets their eyes
They see through everything he tries
He has guilty dreams
So his conscience is eased
And he ambles around like a cured disease
And he squirms like a dog scratching at fleas
When he feels the need to please
Oh, please.
Someday, to stand, to walk, and even run!
It can be done.
It can be done
Just as easy as
One foot
In front of the other.



Posted: 8/8/05 4:25 PM

OMG this song really really flows! much better than on the slab, in my opinion. This is really well written and it just flows and I just love it!

I'm a mod, so feel free to PM me anytime if you've got a problem or just want to talk.


Posted: 9/3/10 4:36 AM

This is five years later than anyone but me might care, but the OP is a liar and a thief who is taking credit for my work - he's directly stolen two works from me; this and what he's unimaginatively calling 'On the slab', which was untitled at the time.

Like I say, no reason anyone should care, I just wanted to have the truth written under the lie.

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