Artist: The New Christy Minstrels
Song  : Don't Cry Suzanne
Type  : Lyrics
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DON'T CRY SUZANNE The New Christy Minstrels Chorus: [02:02][01:05][00:07] Goodbye Suzanne [02:04][01:06][00:08] Don't cry Suzanne [02:06][01:08][00:10] Though I'm going away [02:09][01:12][00:14] Yesterday was Sunday [02:13][01:15][00:17] Monday is the day [02:16][01:18][00:20] I hear the bugle blowing [02:19][01:22][00:24] Calling every man [02:23][01:25][00:28] I'll be home by early spring [02:27][01:29][00:31] Don't cry Suzanne [02:40] [00:36]You cannot come along my love [00:39]To hear the cannon roar [00:43]Your eyes are too gentle [00:46]For to see the shame of war [00:50]Some will be a-dyin' [00:53]Before the battle's through [00:56]Some will be a-cryin' [00:59]As I will be for you. (Chorus) [01:34]My love for you is stronger [01:37]Than the cannon or the drum [01:40]My love for you is longer [01:44]Than the rolling of the sun [01:47]When brooks are overflowing [01:50]I'll be hitching up the plow [01:53]I'll be back in time for hoeing [01:57]But I must leave you now. (Chorus)