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Here I Am chords by Steve Earle

Steve Earle
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Here I Am chords by Steve Earle

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Here I Am chords was submitted by catmandude on April 7, 2002

Intro kinda choppy with distortion
C  C  C  C  C

       C        G
Here I am On my way
         Am             F
Down another road I have paved
               C               G
And every good intention I saved
          Am              F
And hearts that I have broke

         C            G
As for me I have scars
             Am                    F
For every mile I have traveled so far
         F               Fm
With some blood on my hands
Here I am

VIII with a punk feel

With feeling in my heart

And an attitude from the start

I took every body apart

Just to see how they worked


I got friends that I owe

I aint namin names

cuz they know who they are

Just whwere they stand

Here I am
Here I am

then solo Over the chords C   G   Am   F  four times
Here I am

words and music
 Steve Earle

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