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Metallica: St. Anger Album

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Metallica: St. Anger album reviews

Released 06/10/2003
Label Elektra / Wea
Cds 1
Tracks 10 click for list
Genres Thrash, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal



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Review by a visitor on 6/23/06 8:37 PM
I don't think this album is crap, in fact i think its fully metallica. if you watch the documentry, st. anger you'd understand why it came out this way, it expresses the anger James has had prior to the releaseing of this album. but Lars was wrong to tell Kirk to stop his solos because thats one of the things metallica's famouse for. Lars' drumming is great but it needs to be turned down a bit and let the guitars be main part of there songs as they used to.
Review by a visitor on 1/19/06 9:01 PM
Two words: DRUM HEAVY! The album's drums overpower everything. IF there was a face-melting solo in it, nobody could hear it! Metallica, please give us another album like Ride the Lightning, because believe it or not we still love the music from your glory days of the 80's.
Review by KNirvana on 1/4/05 8:44 PM
This album completely sucked. They could have done way better than what they have been for the past couple of years. They really need to start practicing more or something. This band needs to go away now.
Review by buttons on 11/26/04 9:11 AM
St. Anger was pretty pathetic as their older songs and albums includes solo's that you could actually tap and hammer on and off, yet the new one is ok as the Frantic song was kinda catchy and really easy to learn and the "some kind of anger" which is also bring out a movie or has already and i havent heard of it :P yet is really easy and catchy too, i'd say this album is more realaxing and laid back than the others, metallica better shape up if they want their albums to sell like the old one's.

Review by Cesar_L on 7/15/04 10:17 PM
Compared to Metallica of the past, they have really changed. There are not as many face melting solos from Hettfield and ocasionally it sounds as if he were trying to imitate the squealing of a dog

Overall St. Anger is ok at best
Review by k7shaker on 4/24/04 7:44 PM
I myself hated it at first but as I said it bewitched me gradually and now it's one of my favorites. The only thing that annoyes me about St.Anger is the sharp
sound of drums. It's totally different from what we have heard from Lars.
I liked the tracks : My world, Unnamed feeling , Frantic and St.Anger of course.