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Heartbreaker-led Zeppelin lyrics by Led Zeppelin

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Heartbreaker-led Zeppelin lyrics by Led Zeppelin

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Heartbreaker-led Zeppelin lyrics was submitted by surfbass on August 1, 2004

A5				     D		    A
Hey fellas have you heard the ...
					D	  A
It won't take long until someone can ...
					D	A
Her style is new but the face's ....
				      D        A
But from her eyes a different smile like that of one who knows.....
	D  A  D  A  D  A

[Riff 1] x2
[Riff 2] x1
[Riff 1] x1

       A5			       D	  A
Well it's been ten years and maybe ....
				  D	   A
The best years of my life gone....
				D	A
Some people cry and some people ...
				     D	       A
But I'll just keep on rollin'....

	D  A  D  A  D  A

With [Riff 3] x2:

People talkin' all around 'bout ...
, I know where ...

With [Riff 4] x1:

One thing I do have on my mind, ...

With [Riff 5] x1:

It's the way you call me another ...

D   A
  Work so hard I can't ...
D   A
  Abuse my love a thousand ...
D   A
  Heartbreaker your time has ....
D   A
   Go away ...

	D  A  D  A  D  A

	D  A  D  A  D  A

[Riff 1] x1 /w lyrics:

Heartbreaker! Heartbreaker! Heart --

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