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Guns n Roses: Greatest Hits Album

Guns n Roses
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Guns n Roses: Greatest Hits album reviews

Released 03/23/2004
Label Geffen Records
Cds 1
Tracks 14 click for list
Genres Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal,



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Album reviews

Review by tabking on 12/19/05 1:09 PM
Every song on this album is fricken awesome! Instead of buying all of the albums, just by the Greatest Hits album. It kicks ass!
Review by GUVNOR on 1/31/05 11:50 AM
Good All around compilation of guns n roses tracks.
Worth a buy and a listen. Well of course, its GUNS N ROSES.
Review by gnrules on 12/30/04 4:22 PM
Well, the sound has been remastered, so tracks from "Appetite for Destruction" sound better than ever. The album fits well together. The track listing is as follows

1. Welcome to the Jungle
2. Sweet Child O Mine
3. Patince
4. Paradice City
5. Knockin' on Heavin's Door
6. Civil War
7. You could be mine
8. Dont Cry
9. November Rain
10. Live and Let Die
11. Yesterdays
12. Aint it Fun
13. Since I dont Have You
14. Sympathy for the Devil

Guns and Roses are one of the best bands of all time, and this album supperts that. If you are a fan off Good Old hair metal, Pick this up ASAP.
Review by xfridgex on 12/29/04 2:55 PM
Of all the albums i have heard of this band , this definatly is the best best.
The best one on the album is probably welcome to the jungle in which axl screams his head off !!!
I would definatly reccomend this album to you if you are a fan of great music.
Also i found out that Slash's real name is Saul Hudson and guess who has the same name ......

Me !!!!!

It features the great songs such as :-

Welcome to the Jungle,
Sweet Child O' Mine and November rain

All of which absolutely deserve to be on their greatest hits.

So what are you waiting for ???
Get out there and buy it !!!
Review by skullkid on 5/21/04 6:03 PM
The album is great, lots of great rocky tunes but i would enjoy it more if it had Mr.brownstone, my michelle and night train on it although these weren't released as singles. Despite lacking these three songs, overall the album is grat no matter what mood you are in or what you are feeling. If you need a little inspiration, put this album on! Great riffs and solos from slash, and great lyrics from Axl. Get this album!! I would suggest buying this if you are new to guns n roses or haven't got any of their albums. Their version of knockin' on heavens door is the best by far and this album give appetite for destruction a run for its money. If you have to choose, get this album and then appetite for destruction!! 10/10