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Green Day: American Idiot Album

Green Day
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Green Day: American Idiot album reviews

Released 09/21/2004
Label Reprise / Wea
Cds 1
Tracks 21 click for list
Genres Rock/Punk



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Review by a visitor on 9/1/06 8:46 AM
American Idiot is a concept album: in that aspect, this album is unique for Green Day. It's nice to see them break down yet another barrier for punk rock. And despite what some have said on this site, American Idiot is not the first time they've been famous. They have had two big waves of fame in this country- Dookie in 1993-94 (songs like Longview, When I Come Around, Basketcase), and the wave that came from when they released "Good Riddance" in 1998. After this, they dropped off the popular music scene for a few years in the USA, but were still coming out with CDs. "Warning", which came out right after the turn of the new millenium, was generally panned by the US audience, but loved in the UK.

I personally got to know Green Day at that time, when they were not popular. I was a freshman in high school in Michigan in 2002, when a friend introduced me to Warning. I immediately fell in love with this album. So, my friends and I had been listening to Warning and Nimrod for a while when we heard something about this American Idiot album. We were excited about it; Green Day going political was all right with us. And we did love it. It is an amazing CD. The lyrics and the tunes are absolutely sublime; almost anyone can listen to them. However, that is a big part of the problem: Anyone can listen to them. And the band has recently become another sell-out band: It's a sad story, and one told too many times.

In short, this album is good. Everything works. But everyone who remembers Green Day's roots, please keep in mind that this is not the band you once knew and loved. Hope and pray that they come back down to earth in the near future, or they will lose even more fans than they already have.
Review by Punx Dog on 8/2/06 2:17 AM
This album totally rocks!!! I don't know why people will think this album is more into pop. Last year, I didn't even know Green Day until my friends told me bout them. When I heard American Idiot on the radio, that songl really rock the hell out of me, I tell you. Before I bought the album, I only heard their songs on the radio. The first song that I heard was "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (although it was a slow song, it still manage to sound like pure Punk Rock and that song made every Malaysian Teenagers feel in love with it.). Next was American Idiot (the song was totally Punk Rock). After listening to American Idiot, I started to love Green Day and decided to buy their album. For the first week, I only listened to "American Idiot" and "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" cause I was kinda scared to listen to the other tracks. As time passed by, I played the whole album while doing my homework and I noticed that I can't really concentrate cause all of their song was just totally awesome! I then fell in love with "Holliday" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Honestly, all their songs were totally awesome! The guitar, bass and drum was like totally Rock! This is one album you just got to listen to.
Review by subzero3009 on 6/20/06 1:11 PM
I never liked green day to start with. NOt even their old stuff, but this is a pure disappointment even for the band that they are. Its pure crap now, i mean "Good Riddance" was ok, but it got old. This whole album pure sucks!
Review by FatBearNo2 on 3/20/06 11:16 AM
This album is so overrated. The world evidently loved it because it was so ridiculously mainstream. What happened to Greenday being underground and raw? Suddenly Billy Joe barely even plays the guitar. I mean, Dookie was great but this new album is average and very ditinctly poppy. I reckon I'm the only person alive who thinks this so I bet lots of people are going to attack me now. There are some good tracks thought like Give Me Novacaine and American Idiot. Jesus of Suburbia isn't too bad either. In short this album is a lot of pop rubbish. Where has the real Greenday gone??
Review by Fromage on 3/17/06 2:52 PM
This album is one of their best but it lacks something, or should i say, exesses in something. It bugs the s*** out of me that because no one has heard of them before this album, they win a couple of grammy's and everyone knows about them. True it is one of their best but when i hear people saying what a great FIRST album American Idiot is for Green Day I get tears in my eyes...tears of murder
Review by a visitor on 3/17/06 6:31 AM
Hi everyone!!! I love Green Day.... I have all of their albums and there is not a single bad song... American Idiot is a perfect album created by the creative mind of Bilie Joe. The songs are not onlu beautiful but with beautiful lyrics.
Review by a visitor on 3/2/06 8:50 PM
This is a great album! The riffs are awsome and smooth and lyrics are deep. This is green days best work yet. I love American Idiot. It was awarded rock album of the year 2005.
boulevard of broken dreams is song of the year. Hands down best rock album EVER!!!!!
Review by ejbmbaby on 2/28/06 12:49 AM
I am 15 and i have loved green day since i was 2. I think American idiot really gave a new name to green day and a lot more people know them now which i dont really like because green day used to be a good band with a small population of fans. Now they are to commercial everybody want's to hear gd but that's not what there all about. Yea sure they have put out some very political songs but most people pnly like gd's new music bacause they haven't heard of there old stuff but i think that the true gd fans are the ones who have liked them for years.--------picture this-----a 3 year old on her bday rocking out to her first ever cd and its green day lol-----
Bye :)
Review by a visitor on 2/25/06 9:40 AM
This album has some amazing guitar playing, especially in "wake me up when september ends". When you listen to it, you can imagine a story coming together in your mind. There's a great beat in "holiday" and "boulevard of broken dreams". If you're a parent that's going to buy this for your 5 year old child, I would advise that you wait until they're older because there is some nasty language in it. To end my review, I think this album is really really good!!
Review by THEFARSEER2 on 1/8/06 7:16 PM
This is the most overplayed, overrated albums to date.
This album was made by them so they could become famous, and that it did.
Before Green Day made American Idiot, they were a small pop-punk band.
Now they are just pop. It's sickening seeing girls with Green Day patches of Billy Joe on their pants and stuff.

I give it a 1/5, a def not buy, unless you like to follow trends.
Review by a visitor on 1/2/06 4:42 PM
fuckin amazing 10 out of 10 Green Days best album to date
american idiot 10\10 great guitar riff
jesus of seburbia 10\10 nothing can compare to this song
holiday 10\10 the get drunk and party song
boulevard of broken dreams 10\10 the hangover
are we the waiting 9\10 good slow song
St. Jimmy 10\10 exactly what you'd expect from green day kick ass lyrics
give me novacaine 9\10 another good slow song
she's a rebel 8\10 alright could be better
extraordinary girl 7\10 it lacks something
letterbomb 10\10 best song on the album pure rock
wake me up when september ends 10\10 amazing song
homecoming 10\10 best when tre cool sings
whatsername 7\10 starts out sucky but gets better
Review by a visitor on 12/30/05 3:41 PM
This is the best album by Green Day.I am totally obssesed with this group. Billie Joe is the best in the WORLD.I think so and I am only 12 years old from Trinidad.The rest of the band is GREAT to.I think poprock will never die as long as Green Day is Here. LOVE YOU GREEN DAY, PEACE.
Review by a visitor on 12/21/05 3:28 PM
green day rocks! i burned a copy for my girlfriend but her dang parent won't let her listen to it because they swear. SHAKE IT OFF. these guys have to swear cause it fits into the story of all their songs. parents these days think their kids are going to run around freakin' swearing. WE AREN'T 4 YEAR OLDS. - Eric Real,10
Review by mikey_lee on 12/20/05 2:44 PM
Can i just say the the post below is utter S**T!! to put it nicely does it matter whether he is fit or not realy?
Any way graet album i wouldnt say their absolut best but none the less its great the only thing that bugs me about greenday is that Billy Joe's talent is well going to waste really im not puttin the band down im just sayin Billy Joe is actually amazin on guitar but spends his life wackin a few power chords about!!!
Review by a visitor on 12/12/05 8:16 AM
it is very good i like it because he looks so fit. billie, tre cool, mike and jason have worked very hard with this album
Review by getaway on 7/27/05 4:38 PM
my opinion: it is one of the best Greenday albums ever made.
I have been listhening to it for 5 days now without interruption. I even sleep while it plays on my stereo.

Billie Joe Armstrong has an incredible voice, I love listhening to them play.

If you are wondering what album to get, get this one. you will not regrett it.
Review by MFOCIN on 7/21/05 4:38 PM
This Album made me a Green Day fan. I can play all of the songs on guitar/bass exept She's A Rebel and Extraordinary Girl. I just don't care for them...
Review by gd1223ea on 2/22/05 10:15 PM
Awesome! Definetly in the runnign for best album of the year! Absolutely amamzing! it just might be greendays best cd. Everything is amazing. The lyrics are possibly the deepest lyrics written by armstrong. The music is great!
Review by xfridgex on 12/30/04 1:13 PM
A truly excellent album , set out perfect but confusing and the songs are awesome.
Once you have heard this you will wan't to get up and learn the lyrics play the tune and just wail your heart out.
Probably their best album along side Dookie (1994) and truly deserves respect from all you musicians out there.
Green Day now respected.
Review by Tormentor on 12/29/04 4:15 PM
American Idiot - 7/10 - By far the most overrated song on the album. While it is still good, I don't think it deserves to be played on the radio more than any other song on the album.

Jesus of Suburbia - 9/10 - All of the mini-songs rock except I Don't Care.

Holiday - 10/10 - Very catchy rhythym, cool lyrics, over-all amazing song.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - 10/10 - Ahh, my favorite song on the album. While it doesn't have the punk-rock Green Day sound, it is an amazing slow song that is very fun to play on the guitar.

Are We the Waiting - 8/10 - Another slower song, good, but not incredible.

St. Jimmy - 10/10 - Funny lyrics, typical Green Day sound, amazing punk song.

Give Me Novacaine - 9/10 - Yet another slower song, very good, relaxing.

She's A Rebel - 10/10 - Typical Green Day sound, very catchy rhythym, cool lyrics.

Extraordinary Girl - 7/10 - Okay, not one of my favorites.

Letterbomb - 10/10 - Amazing, typical Green Day sound.

Wake Me Up When September Ends - 9/10 - Very relaxing song, a song you'd definately not expect Green Day to do.

Homecoming - 9/10 - Excellent song, well put together, my favorite part is when Tre Cool sings, he's actually really good.

Whatsername - 7/10 - Cool lyrics, song itself is not not one of my favorites.

Overall - 9/10 - Very well thought out album, it greatly entertained me. if ya got a spare 15 bucks, you should definately pick this one up.
Review by indysk8r on 11/29/04 12:48 AM
This CD. What can i say. It rocked. It was a different swing to the typical bay area green day feel. It's different, but still rockin! I think the best song on the record is jesus of suburbia. Its got like 3 different parts to it. I constantly listen to this CD. It kicks major ass! It is one of Green Day's best. I have debated w/friends at length about this CD vs. other Green Day CD's and we have all came to the same conclusion! It...Kicks...Ass! End. Of. Story.