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Small Man Big Farmer tab by 11th Hour Space Monkeys

11th Hour Space Monkeys
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Small Man Big Farmer tab by 11th Hour Space Monkeys

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Small Man Big Farmer
11th Hour Space Monkeys



and repeat a lot till the final bridge


Doing who knows what I know not of anything
The sun did not shine It was to wet to play
So we sat in the house all that cold day
I sat there with who, we, sat there we two
And I said "Look at me!" I have nothing to do, fool
"Have no fear!" said He "I will not let you fall
I will hold you up high for I am not small."

right here is where a big long solo comes in
it goes on for awhile and is very complex
I couldn't understand it, maybe you will
have better luck.


So as fast as I could I went after my net
"I'll get you out of this mess" I can harvest
that corn, yet.

Bridge- continue through fade out

Shamu got shot
B                 G
I shot        Shamu

1996 (c)  Starr Records

Tabbed by

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