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Captain Sweaty tab by 11th Hour Space Monkeys

11th Hour Space Monkeys
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Captain Sweaty tab by 11th Hour Space Monkeys

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Band-11th Hour Space Monkeys
Song Name- Captain Sweaty



Verse 1

Am                        Am7                   D/F#
What is existance anyway is it being forced
Am                     Am7                       D/F#
by the system to fondle dead chicken parts
G               D       D4              G
I curse the ground I tread upon I will forever
D    D4
live in this cesspool of cool drool
Am                    Am7                 D/F#
Speak of insanity I see your face, if I wasn't
the President of the confederates I wouldn't
            Am7                                  D/F#     Ddim
survive, yet I wind down to my daily cheese inhalation

Bm                   G                         A                  F#m/B
Kill Badger one, not for fun, but for eternal ecstacy
Bm                      G                   A         Am       Am7
Regis is my mom, shooting pigs like my aunt

Verse 2
Am                           Am7                       D/F#
I can't even operate a knife yanni is my life poke
Am               Am7               D/F#    G

out my eyes and pull out my hair   yell at me and
D        D4  G            D    D4   Am
abuse me echoes in my mind guilty guilty guilty
Am7                 D/F#
my dreams are shattered i crave a whitey burger
Am                        Am7                        D/F#
the stars beckon to me yet what I see is nothing
Am               Am7         D/F#                    Ddim
a slurpee is divine, yet i whine to dine with Madonna


C#open                               Bopen
i wanna be a farmer so i can die die die die die die die
C#open                               Bopen
the corn i eat has become a fly fly fly fly fly fly fly

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